WellSelect WS300

Printing and Grading at the Same Time

Optionally, eggs can be graded and printed at the same time according to their weight classes, respectively.

High Accurate Weighing

Each egg is weighed with +/- 0.1 gr accruracy according to a special weighing algorithm by using specialized hardware and software.

6 Egg Weight Classes

Eggs can be sorted into 6 different groups by simply inputting min. and max. gram values for each different class.


  • Capacity up to 30.000 eggs/hour (85 cases/hour).
  • Eggs are gently carried away by a simple servo driven transport system which eliminates the need for any complex egg gripping mechanism.
  • This simple design structure not only eliminates high maintenance and service costs, but also shortens the machine off time.
  • 6 Row Infeed conveyor with built in candling room for crack and dirt detection.
  • Durable high quality stainless steel and plastic parts for a problem-free machine experience.
  • Energy consumption: 4 kWh, 380VAC
  • Net / Gross weight: 2200 kgs / 2420 kgs