WellPacker PX40

Easy to Clean Modular Design

Modular plug & play design enables long service life through easy troubleshooting and healthy maintenance possibilities.

User Friendly Touch Screen

In order to provides seamless work experience all system information and warnings are shown on a 5” LCD - touch screen in realtime.

High Speed, Gentle Handling

Eggs are gently packed into a wide range of egg trays at high speed with maximum care, with the help of the patented modular egg placing mechanism.


  • Capacity up to 40.000 eph max. for 30 eggs trays
  • Capacity up to 27.500 eph max. for 12 eggs packages
  • Capacity up to 22.500 eph max. for 10 eggs packages
  • Durable high quality stainless steel and plastic parts for a problem-free machine experience.
  • Eggs are gently placed into the trays in the most precise way.
  • Environmental friendly ECO mode uses less energy.
  • Energy consumption : 1,1 kWh, 380 VAC
  • Easy and detailed cleaning possibility thanks to patented plug & play modular design.
  • Easy to use 5” touchscreen provides seamless operation and visual assistance for troubleshooting.
  • No need for pressurized air or vacuum.
  • Delivered in a 150x350x150cm wooden box. Net / Gross weight: 600 kg / 750 kg