WellJet 1000 Pro

High Speed Printing 

WellJet printers are one of the highest capacity egg printers on the market. WellJet 750 and WellJet 1000 have printing capacitities of 60.000 eph and 90.000 eph, respectively.

Proven Long Life Performance

WellJet printers rely on well made German CPU’s and and well designed Stainless Steel Conveyors, which ensures them a hassle free long working life.

Prints Well In Any Conditions

WellJet printers use HP26A type cartridges which makes them possible to be used in dirty and dusty environments as well, without any problems.


  • Egg printing capacities are 60.000 eph and 90.000 eph
  • Original German made Printer CPU
  • HP26A cartridges can print up to 2 lines and with a text height of 5mm in one line mode.
  • Total number of printed eggs is displayed on the screen.
  • WellJet printers do not require any PC connection or memory card to input or change print texts.
  • Editing print texts is done on the fly by using the 4x3 keypad on the printer.
  • WellJet printers can store print parameters for up to 2 different trays for flexible work conditions.
  • Installation can be easily done by customers using the installation guide.
  • Delivered in a 55 x 210 x 35 cm Wooden box.
  • Net / Gross weight: 65 kgs / 75 kg